Learning Chinese Mandarin

Ni hao. I accidentally have a crash course on chinese-mandarin today. Accidentally because taking the lesson is not part of my plan. All I need to know is how to greet Merry Christmas in chinese. I will be using this greetin during the company christmas party, hence I will the master of ceremony along with the two others. I googled it and I found many translations. It was all text, just letters and hard to read. How came next to what.

I google it again but this time, I am looking for a translation with the voice recording. I then found this site. The site contains files in PDF and audio formats. It excite me because this has a complete chinese-mandarin lessons for beginners. Hmmm… I suddenly missed my Nihongo lesson. And, trying to take the lesson and start learning the language thrills me.

The site really is informative, easy and concise in its lesson especially for beginners. I know the lessons really will help anyone interested in learning the Chinese-Mandarin learn the language. I even commend the site to those who would like to learn Mandarin. I even learn a few words in mandarin. Something to add in my vocabulary.

Click hereto visit the site.


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