A Broken Friendship

I am currently connected with ACS of the Phils. Inc. as a data entry operator. I have been with them for almost three years now. I had a nice start with ACS of the Phils. Inc. especially when I met again my friends from school and my previous work, it was on the fifth day of March 2007, I dredge up.

I think of meeting again Janeth Medilo, Joy Cuerbo, and Marven Frias who made a mark as my good friends. Also, I have seen many familiar faces from my previous company in the batch. Even when it was the first day in the company, I never felt concious and awkward. I even felt at home. The batch became so closely attached to each other. Each one came to know everyone. No one was aloft and out of place. We were like one big happy family. The sons and daughters of ACS of the Phils. Inc..

Months passed by as we slowly aged up in the company. But the friendship remains. There maybe some misunderstanding between members of the batch which I see as normal, the batch was still able to hold strong and stand as ONE. We were still able to save the friendship that keeps us together.

Year came, the friendship became a cement like wall that slowly gain cracks in time, only, this one came too early and so fast. Unknowingly, some friendship were broken and some were starting but not all. I for one had my share. I hate to see it happened but I had to let it be. It is something beyond my control.

To see some friendship stays the same, some even fosters makes me realize how wasteful my friendship with those people I valued so much since day one in ACS of the Phils. Inc. and I threw it away. But it was done and I’ve done it.

I’ve think it over a thousand times about my lost friends. I re-evaluate myself only to realize that forgiveness is a hard thing for me to do. They’ve asked for forgiveness but I refused to accept it. I felt stupid, arrogant, proud and shuttered. But I just did what I felt like doing. This is me. This will always be me.

But, I am not closing the door of friendship. To say my sorry and ask for forgiveness. I will even beg if I need to. Only, this time is not right and I am feeling it coming near.


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